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Don’t Crush Your Goals with Cynicism

Don’t Let Cynicism Cloud Your Goals

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Goal setting your way

You need a 7 Day BrainwashIt’s easy to feel cut off from the rest of the world and to even feel a little out of sync from those around you. You work hard but maybe don’t feel like you are achieving all that you should. It might be that you haven’t defined your goals clearly in your own mind before starting out. Think about it, if you had to go on a long journey, would you do so in a haphazard way with no idea of how to get there? It’s unlikely, so why set out goals that are going to impact your life but that haven’t been thought through properly?

Goal setting is powerful and it’s vital if you wish to have a successful future. It might sound old hat, but you need to create stepping stones towards your end goals as otherwise it’s an almighty leap to get to where you wish to be.

The problem of living without defined goals is that there will be too many distractions en-route and you will end up wasting time if you let distractions interfere with your designated journey.

Anyone who is successful in life would have had very clear goals set out either by them or in the first instance perhaps by an employer or someone who is a source of inspiration.

If you wish to create your own, you need to create your own visual picture of where you need to be. These can be long or short term projections but if you set several goals do make sure that they have to be realistic and achievable, otherwise you will only end up feeling de-motivated and cheated.

Remember, that your end goal is to be able to change your life and to live the lifestyle that you have always dreamed. Don’t sell yourself short by not going full out for your ambitions.


Career How far do you wish to go in your chosen field?

Finances- How much do you wish to earn at each stepping stone point?

Knowledge- Is there any specific that you need to know before you start?

Of course, your own goals may be much more personal than simply career orientated but you should still set them out in the same way.

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Books are great teachers

You need a 7 Day BrainwashFor all our modern technology, you still can’t beat a good book, I say. I do here confess it, I’m a bibliophile. Call me old fashioned, quaint or any darn thing you like, but I love those documents.

Weighty tomes they may be, but there’s something about the concerted thoughts of another human being, all that focused energy from that person directly to you and me that’s just awesome, don’t you think?

And I’ve never been a great believer in libraries. They’re a great source of reference material, but I love books too much to just borrow them and have to give them back. I want to own them. That way, they are silent friends, founts of wisdom that just wait patiently for the day you pick them up and work through them. I’ve tiptoed through books, ploughed through books, devoured them, and waded through them, but always I come out enriched. Touched by another human being.

Perhaps most significant to me about owning books is that you can go back to them a second or third time, sometimes years after the first reading, and suddenly the book gives you a whole load of new insights you wouldn’t have seen in a million years the first time around. Or sometimes, it has the opposite effect – the words you once held as a light for your path is now laughably trite.

And you realize it isn’t the book that’s moved on. It’s you. Paper barometers of change.

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Making a Vision Board

You need a 7 Day BrainwashWhat is a vision board? It is a collection of pictures, words or photographs of all the things you want to attract into your life, usually fixed to a large sheet of card or pinned to a large cork board.

A vision board can be a very powerful tool to use to manifest your desires. It is best placed somewhere you are going to see it often, such as next to your computer monitor, in your bedroom or your kitchen. Some people choose to have more than one vision board, in different locations at home or work.

You should also spend some time looking at the images on your vision board- look at the images at least once a day and visualize having them in your life. Allow yourself to feel good and try to get into the feeling place of having them in your life right now.

What Images should be on Your Vision Board?

Think about what you want to manifest in every area of your life and find an image which you associate with actually having it. For example, if your goal is to own a certain make and model of car, find pictures of the exact car you want on the internet or in magazines. Put the picture on your vision board.

Want to travel? Look through brochures and on the internet and find pictures of the places you want to visit. Want to lose weight? Find photos of yourself at your ideal weight or else find images of people with the figure you want or pictures of clothes you will wear at your ideal weight. If you come across any quotes or poems you find particularly inspirational, or which make you feel good, put them on your board. If you can’t find an image you want, draw it- don’t be put off by thinking you can’t draw!

The images on your board should mean something to you, and should make you feel excited and positive about your intentions. A vision board is an evolving process; you may achieve one intention and need to update it, or you may realize that you no longer want a particular intention. Of course, you may find more intentions to add!

If you want to see examples of vision boards people have created, search Google images for vision boards’. Hopefully you will feel inspired to create your own!

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Entitlement Is Yours

A sense of entitlement

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Proclaim your rarity

You need a 7 Day BrainwashIn the words of the late, great Og Mandino, “proclaim your rarity.”

Of all the five plus billion people on planet Earth right now, you are the only one of you there is, ever has been or ever will be. The only one with your looks, your beliefs, your particular patchwork of experiences, your talents and abilities, your special constellation of sheer being.

You should be shouting that from the rooftops!

Just as there are no ordinary moments, there are no ordinary people either.

I challenge you … this week, find a way to do something, no matter how small, that expresses the sheer essence of you. If you’ve always wanted to sing – go and sing, and make sure it’s somewhere where someone can hear you. In the street, in a playground, a hospice, a retirement home – but SING!

If you’ve always wanted to be a published writer, how about writing a letter about something you feel strongly about and make a dozen copies on your computer, (yes I know you’ve got one of those or you couldn’t be reading this!) and send it off to twelve newspapers or magazines? Or a dozen appropriate newsgroups?

Get passionate about who you really, really are. The world needs you, and it’s high time it knew you were there.

Have an amazing time!

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An easy way to attract money

You need a 7 Day BrainwashThe “holy grail” of the law of attraction would surely be to find an easy way of attracting money. Ever since the end of bartering, people have searched for some simple steps to become rich. A little research – by which I mean using myself as a guinea pig – has led me to discover that there is such a way and that all those who use it have three things in common.

In short, these are:

1. Belief without doubt.

2. A sense of worthiness.

3. The willingness to take inspired action.

Before I explain those, however, we must define “easy.” I have seen fire eaters who make their act look easy, but I’m extremely certain that it isn’t, so I won’t be trying that anytime soon. Could we agree that “easy” means a way of attracting wealth which feels enjoyable, works consistently well and is fast? It’s not exactly science, but then when it comes to attracting money, it’s not a science anyway, is it?

Of the three elements which comprise our easy way to attract money, none is more or less important than the other. You must have all three in place, and when you do, you will attract money – easily!

The first element is belief. You must believe that you have the ability to attract money. That sounds obvious, but in fact a lot of people who say they believe they could attract money fill their minds with doubts and misgivings by checking how the majority of their friends and peers are doing financially. Instead, they go back to their personal treadmill, shaking their heads and saying it can’t be done.

The second element in our easy way to attract money is your sense of worthiness. You have to know in your heart that you deserve more money. In order to do that, you’ll need to honour your uniqueness and feel deep within you that you have something of value to contribute just by being you! The more you can value yourself in your mind, the more you’ll be able to “sell” your passion – which in the end is what people pay for.

The third, and by no means least, of our elements is to take action. Although I said that all three are required to complete the formula for the easy way to attract money, there is a reason why I’ve left this one until last. We’re conditioned to think that a lot of activity – usually labelled “hard work” – is what’s needed to get money, which we call “earning” it.

On the other hand, there’s a terrible misunderstanding about the “law of attraction” which is that merely visualising wealth will bring it to you. In fact, you must take action too – but that action needs to be inspired by the belief and the sense of worthiness I’ve mentioned above. The key to the easy way to attract money is to feel good about yourself, know that you’re worthwhile, and then act on the ideas that pop up – which is sometimes called “inspiration.”

If feeling good, liking yourself and trusting your heart feels like hard work to you then I’m sorry for misleading you. On the other hand, if you like these ideas, then you have finally stumbled on an easy way to attract money!

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Don’t Become a Pessimist

Pessimism Can Hold You Back

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Focus on what you have

You need a 7 Day BrainwashI don’t mean to get slushy on you, but do you ever stop to think about what you’ve got?

I don’t know you all personally, of course but it’s a fair bet that you’d at least like to tweak life a little, just to pep it up a notch or two.

Today let yourself sink into the awareness of what you’ve got. There is breath in your body – feel it. Thoughts that come and go through your head without you having to do anything – a miracle. There’s food in your belly, and you’re probably comfortably warm. Notice the colours, the shapes of nature – leaves, a cloud, a kitten’s little paws. You are privileged to be able to drink all this in.

And consider, too, that you must always have had enough, at least the minimum of all your needs met, every day of your life up til now, or you wouldn’t be here. Enough food, enough warmth, and yes, enough love to have survived to this day.

Just drink this day in in all it’s glory, wallow in the sheer exquisiteness of being alive, and I’ll talk to you very soon.

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Grab All Available Opportunities

Don’t Let Your Opportunities Pass

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